"Wildlife" images by Andrea Elena

We're very excited to announce our collaboration with Andrea Elena. This is our first series of exclusive fine art reproductions!
Andrea's charming original watercolour images, meticulously printed on archival paper by our gallerista, Irene Tobis, are mounted on wood cradle board. Andrea applies protective layers of cold wax and finishes with a colourful border. Elegant and inspiring, and with an introductory price of only $66, they are accessible in every sense.

These adorable images are immediately appealing to people of all ages!

WINGS: Bumblebee, Crow, Flamingo, Galah (pink cockatoo), Monarch, Rooster

CRITTERS: Bunny, Giraffes, Hippo, Llama, Octopus, Piggy, Pandas, Turtle

JUXTAPOSITIONS: Beta Blue and Orange, Blue Racer and Trillium, Mouse and Berry, Panther and Rose

We have some examples for you to see in the gallery, but they're for display only for now, not for sale. We are expecting to have some stock soon, but you can guarantee getting the piece or pieces you want if you place your order in the gallery or online.  

The early bird catches the worm! Please order by December 1st to guarantee curbside pickup before Christmas!
Note: website images do not yet show the bright, beautiful, hand painted borders.

"Wildlife" is part of our "beauty on a budget" line. While we continue to offer original fine art, we are also interested in making inspiring reproductions available at modest prices. We have a variety of beautiful pieces, originals, reproductions and craft items, available at under $100. See our latest newsletter for more information, or shop on our budget page.

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