FEATURED artist ~ andrea elena

Andrea Elena is an Ottawa-based artist with Peruvian and Belgian roots. We are very pleased to feature her exquisite watercolours.

We are also very pleased to have the honour of collaborating with her on our first exclusive series of fine art reproductions!

For her "Wildlife Series", Andrea's charming original watercolour images, meticulously printed on archival paper by our gallerista, Irene Tobis, are mounted on 6x6" wood cradle board. Andrea applies protective layers of cold wax varnish and finishes with a colourful border. Elegant and inspiring, these artworks are accessible in every sense - immediately appealing to people of all ages!. Choose from 18 adorable images - perfect as small gifts - at $66 each!

"Sit with nature and listen to what it whispers, before it starts to yell." - andrea elena