anita utas ~ wildlife benefit show ~ march 1-31

Anita Utas is inspired by the natural world - landscapes, skies, animals.

For this special benefit show, the artist and the gallery are teaming up - with you - to benefit Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary.  Half of all sales plus an equal matching grant from a private donor, totaling the full amount of sales, will be donated for the treatment and care of injured or orphaned wild animals until they are healthy enough to be returned to their natural habitats. 

"I am in awe of animals' mystery and beauty. They make our lives more magical, mystical. They act as a bridge between civilization and nature. They teach us to observe, to slow down, listen and watch." - anita utas

Their gaze draws us in - the playful look of a baby otter, the wary look of a coyote, the gentle glance of a bear. Over the past few decades, however, wildlife species in Canada have become dramatically less abundant. Your purchase of one of these remarkable portraits - for yourself or as a gift for someone special - will support our local wildlife.