clara kim

Clara Kim is a Korean-born artist living in Ottawa. She paints with a knife rather than a brush, drawing heavily from the oriental style, but with a western-influenced expression, creating a unique style all her own. We find these paintings strikingly beautiful.

Clara's work is represented at galleries in Ontario, Quebec, Switzerland, and Korea. Her artwork was selected for the City of Ottawa Art Collection and for the Government of Ontario Art Collection. She is an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists. She has been featured in many local media including Ottawa Magazine, FM 97.9 Sunday Morning and the New Edinburgh News.

Electric Street Gallery featured her work in a solo show in June 2021 and is very pleased to represent her. 

Artworks below are currently featured at the gallery. See also more artworks by Clara Kim available for sale on this site. See also examples of her art that have sold at the gallery; Clara is very happy to do commissioned work!