bilgin buberoglu

Bilgin Buberoglu came to us in response to our call for artwork for our "birds, bees, butterflies: uplifiting" gift show" at the recommendation of his fellow Turkish ceramicist, one of our most popular artists, Zeynep Ergincan

As you can see, Bilgin's response to the theme focuses on hummingbirds, with a good deal of charm. But don't get the idea that hummingbirds are his only subject! There's a great deal more to Bilgin, as you can see on his Instagram feed. We are looking forward to having more of his artwork in the gallery.


I am a retired civil engineer and a hobby potter. I produce functional and decorative pieces. Besides pottery, I am also interested in sculptures, drawing, painting and print making.

I started playing 'seriously' with clay about 8 years ago. My first initiation to the medium was during my college years but in between I dealt with 'soil' in a different capacity and with a different focus. Yet, ceramics was brewing somewhere in my mind, along with other visual arts.

I like building different forms with clay, functional or not, and making a note of my thoughts and feelings at the time. I am amazed to discover every day, many of the beautiful pieces that ceramic artists and artisans have created over thousands of years, and are still creating today. In ceramics 'sky is the limit' for creativity. - Bilgin Buberoglu