irene tobis ~ Vegetables Forward! (series)

Irene Tobis is co-owner - she likes the sound of the Italian term "gallerista" - with her husband, Michael, of Electric Street Gallery. She is also a photographer; you can see her large photo printer at the gallery.

This series and her "Fruits Forward!" series, celebrating our local farmers' markets, seeks to inspire you to take care of your body and your spirit with healthy home cooking and fine art photography in your kitchen. (See also her "Flowers Forward!" series.)

Laminated boards, ready to hang, easily wipe clean with a damp cloth! Suitable as small gifts for any occasion. Greeting cards also available. Click on images below for details and options.

Thanksgiving special!  In-gallery only:

small boards - $33 each or 4 for $100
large boards - $66 each or 2 for $100