FEATURED ARTIST: sandy sharkey

Sandy Sharkey photographs wild horses -- all over the world.

She has traveled over 14,000 miles by road to photograph wild horses throughout North America, and photographed the rare wild horses of Mongolia and New Zealand.  

Wild horses everywhere are under siege (with the exception of Canada’s Sable Island). Government roundups remove thousands of wild horses from the only home they’ve ever known:  the mountains, the desert, the forest.  Once-spirited wild horses are separated from their families and stockpiled into holding facilities with a very grim future.

Through public speaking engagements, the creation of the ‘Find Wild Horses, Find Yourself’ campaign, and work as artisan ambassador for the Wild Beauty Foundation, Sandy raises awareness about the issues facing these magnificent animals; for more information, see her websiteYour purchase of her photographs allows her to continue this work.

Sandy's goal is to capture the beauty and unbridled freedom of the wild horse, and to encourage others to find the ‘wild horse experience’ for themselves. Electric Street Gallery is honoured to feature her work, along with several other artists, in the very special exhibit, "Unbridled: Art of the Horse" October 14 - November 4.