elisabeth arbuckle ~ artist bio


Elisabeth Arbuckle is a graphic designer by training, an art teacher by experience and a forever artist by practice.

Born in Wales, she attended art schools in the U.K. where she started her teaching career, working in England, The Bahamas and eventually Canada.

“Teaching gave me the opportunity to share my love and enjoyment of art and creativity, but to also receive new ideas, to share different approaches and to create a visual dialogue with the students".

With retirement comes a new direction. 

“I came late to the joys of Canadian cottage life and the pleasure of waking to mornings at the lake and witnessing the ever changing hum of life. The rhythms and patterns in nature have been a constant in my work, from the minutiae of a leaf to the grandeur of a mist enshrouded lake. Recently I have had the pleasure of working in my bunkhouse studio at the cottage, where I can reflect on these changes as well as the changes in my own life.”

Elisabeth also maintains a studio at The Nepean Creative Arts, Stafford Studios, she has exhibited her work with a number of groups around Ottawa, including Foyer GalleryOMMAArteastNepean Fine Arts League and New Edinburgh Studio Tour. She was featured in Ottawa Life Magazine in 2016.

Elisabeth was a core artist at The Crichton Street Gallery (closed Feb 2020); Electric Street Gallery, at the same location, is now very pleased to represent her. 

You may contact Elisabeth via the gallery or through her website. See her artworks currently featured and for sale here and at the gallery at 299 Crichton at Electric Street, Ottawa.