jennifer anne kelly ~ artist bio


After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University Jennifer enjoyed the expertise of many renowned teachers and mentors specializing in art glass. She has studied at The Studio at Corning in New York, Pittsburgh Glass Center and Animation Steel Studios in California. Jennifer works with kiln formed and flame worked glass. The process, including sand blasting and cold work, is completed in her teaching studio, Current Works of Glass, on the Mississippi River in Mississippi Mills, Ontario, Canada. She teaches her specialized techniques to other glass artists in Canada and Europe.

Her work has been shown at Cirque Du Soleil boutiques internationally and select galleries in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Her five-foot wings titled “Aspire” were featured in a Canada-wide glass exhibit in Toronto in 2018. 

Winter 2019/20 saw the unveiling of a large-scale sculpture project with the Ottawa Inuit community. The 17’ glass and wood qajaq stands on permanent display at the Ottawa General Hospital. This project is thanks to the Ottawa Neighbourhood Arts Mentorship Program and the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

She is a participant in the 2018/2019 mentorship program with Ontario Clay & Glass Association and also a Mentor for the 2020 Arts Network Ottawa Mentorship Program.

From sculptural work to painterly two-dimensional pieces, the narrative thread throughout is a positive human experience with the natural world. Living on the river has influenced Jennifer’s work both in imagery and in her meditation on glass and water. The river inspires the combination of energy and serenity and this is brought to the finished glass piece. Jennifer spends a great deal of time pondering the light, shadows, and reflections of the water and translates that in new techniques.

Much of Jennifer’s three-dimensional work is focused on glass nests, wings, and glass fused into reclaimed wood and stone. This work is a celebration of our natural world as a fable. Jennifer twists reality and imagination by creating new interpretations of what is naturally found. This body of work is the result of intense passion and dreams, overcoming fear, and delighting in the mystical.

Jennifer was a core artist at the Crichton Street Gallery (closed Feb 2020); Electric Street Gallery is very pleased to exhibit her work.

photo credit: Katia Pershin