mary ann varley ~ artist bio



Mary Ann Varley has always been an artist. She can't really remember not making drawings and paintings.

The use of collage including photographs is a common technique in her work. Drawing, acrylic, oil and mixed media are her usual media. 

Born in England immediately after the Second World War, her family promptly came to Canada. She was brought up in Nova Scotia and Ottawa.

Mary Ann began teaching in 1968 in Quebec City. When she and her husband moved their young family to Ottawa, they taught at Ashbury College. Thirty years later she retired from teaching at Ashbury. Mary Ann is also a life long learner, with a Master of Arts, B. Ed., B.A. (Fine Arts). She has taught various sessions at the Ottawa School of Art at the Shenkman Arts Centre. 

A highlight of her career was being a recipient of The City of Ottawa, City Builders award in May 2018 for her contribution to the arts, nominated by Lynn Alsford, president of Arteast.

Recent solo shows include The Good Eats Café, Galerie Old Chelsea, and the Shenkman Arts Centre, Trinity Gallery. Group shows include Sienna Gallery, Da Artisi Gallery, Cumberland, Ottawa Mixed Media Association (OMMA), the Ottawa School of Art, Ottawa Art Association, Fredric Remington Museum (USA) and Arteast. She also manages the Old Stick Cooperative Studio.

Mary Ann was a core artist at the Crichton Street Gallery (closed Feb 2020); Electric Street Gallery, at the same location, is now very pleased to represent her.

Contact Mary Ann via the gallery or through her website.