About the artists

When the Crichton Street Gallery closed, in February 2020, we were very pleased that 5 of the core artists - Elizabeth Arbuckle, Pat Carbonneau. Jennifer Anne Kelly, Louise Tanguay, and Mary Ann Varley - joined us as we became Electric Street Gallery.

Since that usual beginning – we couldn't call it an "opening" since we weren't actually allowed to open during the pandemic lockdown – dozens of artists have exhibited their artworks at the gallery. The lists below may be incomplete or out-fo-date. If you are looking for works by a particular artist, just type their name in the search bar -- or contact us!

Currently exhibiting in "True North: Canadiana ~ July 1 - August 31":

Elisabeth Arbuckle ~ acrylics, mixed media
Elisabeth Baechlin ~ acrylics
Karen Bell  ~ photography
Pat Carboneau ~ mixed media, encaustics
Maurice Dionne ~ watercolours
Peter Leckett ~ acrylics
Ariel Lyons  ~ acrylics, mixed media
Olga Radushkevich ~ watercolours, batik, mixed media
Susan Reiter ~ acrylics, oils
Pina Manoni-Rennick ~ watercolour, acrylics
Barb Sohn ~ acrylics
Irene Tobis ~ photography
Anita Utas ~ acrylics
Karen Whyte ~ oils, charcoal
Mary Ann Varley ~ oils, acrylics, mixed media

Also currently exhibiting in the gallery:

Bilgen Buberoglu ~ ceramics, linocut
Andrea Elena ~ watercolours
Zeynep Ergincan ~ ceramic tiles, acrylics
Blake Explorador ~ photography
Kate Green~ oils, watercolour
Ann Sutherland Gruchy ~ acrylics
Christiane Kingsley ~ mixed media
Ronald Kok ~ mixed media
Elizabeth Mitchell ~ oils, acrylics
Louise Palmer ~ mixed media
Justin Shulist ~ acrylics
Louise Tanguay ~ photography, videography
Lynda Turner ~ lithographs 


Previously exhibiting: 

Jill Alexander ~ acrylics
Sarah Kamali Aydin ~ acrylics
Roy Brash ~ acrylics, sculpture
Farrar Brodhead ~ watercolour
Chantal Dupuis ~ pastel, watercolour
Eiko Emori - glass
KCB Gauthier ~ photography
Brigitte Klassen ~ watercolour
Stephanie Moore ~ acrylics
Ted Stewart ~ wood carving
Erin Morphy -- see Erin Thibault-Morphy
Rose Marie Roy ~ acrylics
Amanda Schwabe ~ acrylics
Libby Sim ~ acrylics
Beth Stikeman ~ acrylics
Ingela Stromberg ~ acrylics
Brian G Turner ~ watercolour
Kathryn Watcham ~ ceramics