If you are an artist currently creating in the Ottawa region, with either proven or potential appeal to to art buyers, primarily for their home or personal enjoyment, we are very interested in getting to know you and your work.

We have theme shows throughout the year, and we welcome contributions that are on theme. Participating in a group theme show is the best way for you and us to get to know each other and to establish a business relationship. (COVID-19 restrictions make it difficult for us to get out to exhibitions to see your work.)

Our current, by-invitation-only show, "Autumn's Tapestry", runs September 17 through October 25.

Our next theme exhibition open to new artists, in late autumn, will be a "bird show", entitled "Wings", featuring representations of birds and other winged creatures. (Butterflies, angels and even airplanes are also on topic!) As always, we seek a variety of media, styles and visions. 

January may bring a "White Show", featuring snow and ice and a white/black/gray/pale palette; stay tuned.

Please do not send us images via email, and please do not bring photos or examples of your work to the gallery during our open hours, although you are most welcome to drop by to meet us. You are also welcome to contact us anytime with specific questions. Please understand that we receive a large volume of inquiries from artists; we would like to give full and fair consideration to your work, and we need to keep the process manageable, Please follow these simple steps.

1) Register by filling out this form, giving us a little bit of personal information about yourself, including links to your website and/or social media sites. We need to be able to see some samples of your work to proceed. We will reply to any practicing Canadian artist within 2 weeks, typically sooner, with detailed application information, including a link to the show's online application form.
2) Apply to the show by submitting photos of your work, with title, media, dimensions, and suggested price for each piece.  You may offer up to three pieces for exhibit at each show. We will reply within 2 weeks, typically sooner. If we are interested, we will invite you to meet with us to show us your work in person.
3) Meet with us. We'll let you know which artworks we are interested in seeing, but you may also bring a few other pieces (not necessarily on theme) representative of your work, to show us. Meetings typically take place at the gallery, outside of open hours, but we might travel to your studio location by mutual agreement. 
Artworks are accepted for a show on a 50% consignment basis, with a separate written contract for each piece. Sample contact available on request.

We look forward to getting to know you and your art! Thanks for being a part of this great art city.

- Irene and Michael Tobis