elisabeth arbuckle ~ Arbutus, Madiera Park, B.C.

elisabeth arbuckle ~ Arbutus, Madiera Park, B.C.

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Arbutus, Madiera Park, B.C. 

acrylic on canvas

15 x 30" 

Elisabeth started by painting this entire canvas red. When visiting the west coast of Canada, she was fascinated by some Arbutus trees there that, when their barks peel, show red underneath. So the painting, with its underlying colour showing through, is much like the tree itself! 


Arbutus is a broadleaf evergreen tree, usually with a crooked or leaning trunk that divides into several twisting upright branches. The bark is thin, smooth, and reddish-brown, peeling in thin flakes or strips to expose younger, smooth, greenish to cinnamon-red bark underneath.

See also the companion painting, Towards Desolation Sound.

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