Meet the Artists!

electric street gallery is now open!

The gallery interior is open Thursdays 11-7; Fridays through Sundays 11-4 PM.

The display windows and online store are always open!

Introducing the gallery artists.

At the location of the former Crichton Street Gallery, 299 Crichton Street, at the intersection of Electric Street, the new gallery represents many of the Crichton artists plus some surprises.

The Gallery is very pleased to introduce Olga Radushkevich. Olga's exquisite water colours are mostly done en plein air. She also produces lighthearted works in batik (hand-painted silk). Olga's watercolours provide a fresh, inspired view of the Canadian landscape.

We're also introducing the photographic work of the gallerista, Irene Tobis, a fine art photographer as well as manager and co-owner of Electric Street Gallery. Her "Vegetables Forward!" series finds and celebrates the beauty of fruits and vegetables. Her works are available in a cost-effective laminated medium and are suitable for kitchens, as well as in more traditional formats.

Meet the Artists!

The Gallery invites you to join in an outdoor "meet the artists" event outside the gallery, Saturday June 13, 2-4 PM.  You can see a picture of last Saturday's event above.

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